ICO TokenHome is a real estate development for the purchase and rental of tourist units in the province of Malaga, which will use the public Blockchain of Ethereum for the management, generation of income and start-up of physical assets.

Spain is the second touristic destination worldwide and the first of Europe. Up until the month of July of 2017, Spain received a total of 47 million foreign tourists.

Malaga represents one of the most significant cases, with an economical impact of 1.000 million euros.

One of the main factors of the tourism in Malaga is without doubt its accommodation, concretely the phenomenon of touristic apartments has been positioned as one of the most growing within the tourists.

The objective is to generate a community of owners of touristic apartments that are going to be acquired by the DAO, generated through this ICO to buy these properties and manage the dividends that their rents bring in, to distribute them to the owners of the digital tokens that are put into circulation during this ICO.



Urban land programmable in one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella for a total of 672 family units. These units are intended for the sale and recovery of the initial investment, a page for its promotion and sale based on Blockchain will be enabled and properties can only be acquired in ETH.


The sales reserves will be made through a Smart Contract where costs will be specified and payments will be made per certifications. That same Smart Contract will transfer the benefits of the recovery directly to the DAO of ICO TokenHome to provide total transparency to the management.


Charges for the rental of tourist unit, will be made through an Exchange to send the payment to the DAO. The process will be very simple and versatile, these will be the options:

  • Online payments: through debit/credit card. The Exchange will be used (Bitpay, CoinBase, ...), where the payment will be transformed into Ethereums and go to the DAO Stock Exchange.
  • Payments through bank transfer An Exchange will also be used. The payment in Fiat will be transformed into Ethereums at the moment in which the transfer is received.
  • Cash payments:Management team will be responsible for making the change from Fiat to Ethereum.

How Token Home operates

TokenHome It is a digital asset whose tenure will indicate possession of a fraction of a group of touristic apartments for rent.

TokenHome is a type ERC-20 token that will work on the Blockchain of Ethereum. For this ICO, a match of 386.4 million TokenHome tokens will be launched. It is initially considered an equivalency of 1 TokenHome (TH from now onwards) 1 Euro. Of which 322 million tokens will go on sale.

Assets percentage

  • BOUNTIES (2%)


PuzzleGold S.L.
CoinFabrik Blockchain Technologies
969 Arquitectos
Bilba Infraestructuras
e-FinanceClick Marketing Online


Q2 2018 - Q3 2018

Token Sale

The sale of tokens will begin from 19/02/2019 to 29/08/2018. This is the process used to finance a real estate development for the purchase and rental of touristic units in the province of Malaga.

From 23/04/2018 To 29/08/2018

Q4 2018

Land Aquisition

The purchase of the land will be from 01/09/2018 to 01/10/2018. This is the first step for the beginning of the real estate process, the purchase of land for the start of the real estate development for sale and rentals.

From 01/09/2018 To 01/10/2018

Q4 2019


The urbanization will be shaped over a period of one year from 01/11/2018 to 01/11/2019. This second milestone consists of the urban planning process of the real estate process, the urban management part as well as the urbanization part.

From 01/11/2018 To 01/11/2019

Q4 2019 - Q2 2020


Likewise, the development of the project will be between the dates of 01/11/2018 to 01/11/2019. This third part of the process is the architectural development of all buildings to be made both for the same of real estate and for rental.

From 01/11/2018 To 01/11/2019

Q4 2018 - Q2 2020


Project licenses will be processed from 01/11/2018 to 31/07/2020. In this fourth part of the building process, all municipal efforts will be made to obtain the planning licenses for construction, as well as those necessary for tourist rental.

From 01/11/2018 To 31/07/2020

Q3 2020 - *


The beginning of property sales will be available from 31/07/2020 until the end of objectives, this part of the process will be carried out by the marketing and sales team to achieve the main objectives of the building process.

From 31/07/2020 To End of objectives

Q3 2020 - *


The construction of the development will take place from 31/07/2020 until the end of objectives, it is one of the most difficult and longest period within the building process; being forecasted until the building process completion of the sales and rentals of the buildings, as well as the after-sales period.

From 31/07/2020 To End of objectives

Q3 2020 - *


The rentals will be available to operate from 31/07/2020 until the end of objectives, this process is the last of this project in which the tourist buildings have been executed so that it has a long-life span.

From 31/07/2020 To End of objectives

Formresidence Permit


As of September 2013, the Spanish residence permit can be obtained through the purchase of one or more properties, provided that the amount is equal to or greater than 500.000€. Thanks to this established regime, Token Home makes this possible for foreign real estate investors. The Spanish residence permit "Visa Gold" will allow the foreign investors to live in Spain and travel throughout Europe.

To obtain the Gold Visa, investments must meet one of the following requirements:

  • - An investment for a value equal to or greater than € 500.000 must be made.
  • - The investment of 500.000 euros must be free of encumbrances.
  • - At Token Home we must demonstrate that our investor owns the property or real estate for the minimum amount of € 500.000. For this, you will have to provide the certificate or certificates of ownership of the Property Registry corresponding to the property or real estate.
  • - To purchase property, it is possible to do it with just the NIE. It is not mandatory to have a bank account in Spain, but we recommend it.
  • - To have a public or private health insurance authorized in Spain.
  • - Other typical conditions such as: to be of legal age, be regularly in Spain, have no criminal record and have medical insurance. Visas are granted for two years, and can be renewed upon completion of this term, provided that the investor continues to meet the requirements outlined above.

Our Team


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Antonio Arranz

CEO & Fundador PuzzleGold Tower


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Maria Luisa Fernandez


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Carlos Seoane Ortiz

International Lawyer

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Manuel Martínez

Project manager

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Antonio Trujillo

Marketing Director


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Francisco Parrilla


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Leopoldo González


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Carmen Martínez


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Fernando Pérez del Pulgar



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Tokenhome is part of the PROMALAGA incubator project




28 February 2018 - 18:00H

El Rincón de Goya



10 Mayo 2018 - 18:00H

Gran Hotel Miramar